There is more to fueling at an airport than jet fuel. Sure, the big, majestic things with wings get most of the attention. However, travelers might be upset if their pressurized flying tube has jet fuel in it but no baggage or beverages. Jet fuel may get all of the love, but tugs, baggage carriers, catering vehicles, and deicers need fuel, too. Diversified Energy Supply’s collection of products and services allow owners and operators of Ground Service Equipment (GSE) fueling stations to focus on airplanes. We can assist with the fueling-related needs of the GSE equipment.

Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling

Whether it is gasoline, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, or fuel treatments, Diversified Energy Supply has the fuel your GSEs need. We offer a national supply base so we can bring products to you even when the local market is impacted by storms or outages. DES can also help your sustainability efforts through biodiesel, ethanol-blended types of gasoline, or renewable diesel.

Consortium Billing for Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling

Accurately invoicing users of your Ground Service Equipment (GSE) fueling station does not have to be complicated. Diversified’s Consignment Fueling solution is easily applied to an airline consortium model. We can invoice each user based on recorded transactions. Usage reports are clear and easily downloaded in Excel for ad hoc analysis. Our automated billing technology ensures each user receives accurate and timely invoices. The invoices include transaction details to allay any misgivings about the validity of the invoices to the users.

Automatic Tank Gauge Monitoring

One challenge in operating fueling stations at an airport is the time required to traverse to the fueling facility. GSE operators may themselves sit outside of the airport fence and wait to go through security. They then need to drive to the fueling stations which may require frequent stops for jets to taxi by.

Using Diversified’s industry leading customer portal, myFuel, operators have quick access to their fuel levels online. There is no longer a need to travel from station to station to retrieve something as mundane as daily stick readings. DES can monitor your automatic tank gauges and post readings to myFuel for you to access. This reduces the time your team spends on GSE freeing time for you to focus on jet fuel.

Environmental Compliance

Just because you love jet fuel does not mean you do not love the planet. DES can help ensure your Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling station meets the latest tank regulations. We record and remotely resolve Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG) alarms. When needed we can dispatch technicians to correct problems that cannot be resolved remotely. All records are maintained in myFuel for easy access. We make sure your underground storage tanks are compliant so your baggage handlers can use your fuel tanks unimpeded by unnecessary EPA violations.

Online Reporting

Diversified makes sure all of the information you need is housed where you can easily get to it. Whether it is fuel levels, invoices, delivery documentation or usage transactions, all of the information will be at your fingertips.

In addition, DES can provide access to other interested parties as well. You may wish for your GSE customers to access their data themselves. We can set them up to see only their information. If you are operating out of the corporate offices, Diversified can give you access to all airports where we serve you. This allows you to greater visibility into your GSE supply chain.

Auditable Details

If you are responsible for the Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling station, your GSE users need assurance their costs are correct. You should be able to easily demonstrate to them how their invoices were derived. Many are themselves publicly traded companies with strong internal audit requirements.

DES makes sure your GSE users have complete confidence in the invoices they receive. myFuel includes a Tank Ledger where ATG readings, deliveries, and usage transactions are clear. Here prices can be validated, and fueling transactions can be seen.  It also provides a summary of the billing period to also provide clarity.

Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling Made Easy

If you own or operate Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling stations, managing the fuel for them is often an afterthought. That is understandable because jet fuel pays the bills. Diversified’s Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling offering allows you to focus on the planes. We’ll make sure the little guys moving on the tarmac have the fuel they need.

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