Renewable Fuels

Environmentally Conscious Fuel

Consumers want to know their dollars are used in an environmentally conscious way and expect their vendors to proactively pursue sustainability strategies. Maximize the use of sustainable fuel sources by leveraging our supply of biodiesel blends, gasoline with ethanol, and renewable diesel. These practices will improve your reputation as an environmentally conscious company and improve trust between you and your customers.

The World is Changing

Over the past few years, concerns about the environment have reached a fever pitch. The environment is quickly becoming decimated by an array of factors, such as overpopulation and overconsumption by the world at large. Many local and state regulations have been written and improved to help protect the environment and improve the conditions of nature all over the country.

For example, Pennsylvania and Minnesota have implemented mandates which require biofuel blends. Diversified knows how to navigate these policies and keep your company as clean as possible. We can also provide you responsibly sourced ethanol for use in your gasoline engines and biodiesel and renewable diesel for your diesel engines. We know how to create clean and environmentally friendly policies because of our experience and expertise in the field.

Balance the Budget While Going Clean

Diversified offers a range of analytical solutions which can save you money while your company creates a cleaner environmental footprint. We have robust and specific datapoints which can show you where you’re using renewable fuels for more sustainable reporting. We also provide data detailing where you can source renewable fuels.

This data will allow you to compare the track record and cost of your sourcing, so you can come out ahead in terms of quality service and balancing your budget. Going clean doesn’t have to be an expensive or unmanageable journey. There are options to help you rely more on renewable fuels while keeping your wallet intact and your premiums and overhead at a minimum. Diversified’s wide array of renewable sources and data make it not only possible but preferable.

What is the Difference in Renewable Diesel & Biodiesel?

Renewable diesel is actually not a fossil fuel. It’s made from non-petroleum renewable resources like fats, vegetable oils, and greases. Because of its sourcing from waste and unwanted agricultural products, it’s a responsible and relatively clean option for transportation services. The agricultural sector produces unavoidable waste, and you can use this waste to power your trucks in a responsible and affordable manner.

Biodiesel is also made from vegetable oil and animal fats but is distinct from renewable diesel. Biodiesel performs more efficiently in cold weather than renewable diesel, though there are elements of biodiesel that can crystalize in cold weather. Cold flow improvers are often added to biofuel to combat this crystallization. There are also a variety of blends that can be used for biodiesel. Perfecting the blend and mixture of ingredients within the fuel can help the fuel perform optimally in cold weather conditions and keep your fleet moving in an efficient and effective manner. Diversified can provide both renewable diesel and biodiesel for your business.

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