Fuel Performance Treatments

Manage the Evolving Performance of Diesel

Properties of diesel fuel and the engines using them are not the same as in previous years. We offer a variety of fuel treatments prescribed to address specific diesel operability concerns including Cold Flow Improvers, Cetane Improvers, Injector Treatments, and Fuel Tank Maintenance treatments.

Cold Flow Improvers

During the winter season, your fuel tanks need additional treatments to combat the cold and freezing temperatures. As temperatures drop, particularly below fifteen degrees Fahrenheit, your fuel tank may gel, meaning the wax in diesel solidifies and makes the fuel clot.

This in turn prevents proper flowing. Cold Flow Improvers help the fuel operate at lower temperatures and eliminates this problem. Cetane Improvers help your diesel engines start quicker and last longer. A standard cetane rating is around forty-two, but optimal tanks operate at around forty-six to fifty, which our Cetane Improver can help you attain.

Emergency Winter Treatments

Cold weather has been more prevalent in recent years. Even Texas now freezes every five to six years and this freezing can hamper the performance of even the most maintained and functional fuel tanks. In emergencies, it pays to have an Emergency Winter Treatment on hand, which will treat individual vehicles which are most suffering from freezing temperatures.

Our Winter Premium Treatment is added to your fuel tank, but our Emergency Winter Treatment helps prevent and eliminate issues with gelling in individual vehicles. The climate is changing, and Emergency Winter Treatments are more important than ever.

Fuel Injector Signs

Diesel engines are finicky and complicated machines. There is a range of reasons why your diesel engine may not be running correctly, and one of the most common is a fuel injector in need of replacing. If your nozzle has deposits building on its tip (called nozzle coking) your fuel injector needs to be replaced. Even the smallest of deposits can clog your nozzle and make it malfunction.

Additionally, deposits forming deep within your internal diesel injectors can lay waste to the machine and cost you thousands. These machines usually only tolerate up to three microns, thinner than human hair, so they should be maintained frequently and thoroughly. Finally, your fuel filters can become plugged, capturing unwanted contaminants from the fuel. These can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

Other Available Treatments

Diversified allows you to opt into everyday treatments, which have fuel injector cleaner and Cetane Improver to keep your fleet running optimally every day of the year. The modern diesel engine uses intense pressure during ignition, and this pressure can often lead to coking around fuel injectors.

If this coking goes unchecked for a prolonged period of time, it can eventually damage the injectors and disrupt performance, in addition to costing your company a small fortune. Our Everyday Fuel Treatment will remove this coking and keep your fleet in tip-top shape. We can also dry your tank, which will remove any water from your fuel system, which microbes often feast on.

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