Bulk Fuel

Bulk Fuel Management

Take Control of Your Fuel Spend

Maximize the use of vendors and minimize the costs of maintaining your supply chain. We operate a national fuel supply and carrier network to assist with bulk fuel needs. We provide transparent accounting controls through our myFuel customer portal. We supply all of the tools required to validate the receipt of fuel deliveries and properly account for each gallon received with electronic proof of delivery.         

Manage Your Spending and Improve Transparency

The fuel industry is not always the most transparent or customer-friendly. Many suppliers will bombard you with supply statistics and boast about how many points in the supply chain they have, but will not always choose the best supplier for your business in terms of efficiency and cost. There are also “cost-plus” arrangements frequently made between suppliers and their sources. These arrangements benefit nobody but the supply themselves, as a fee is added onto your invoice regardless of how poorly the supplier may buy.

You need a vendor whose reach stretches across the nation and can provide a variety of fueling points for every location you operate. If your business is established in a variety of locations, smaller vendors won’t be able to supply the fuel necessary to keep your business moving and meet all of your needs. New and honest vendors are also hard to come by.

If you have an expanding business, you need a trusted name to supply your new regions with affordable and efficient fueling operations. Diversified is proud to meet fueling needs across the nation and do so with a maximum of transparency and cost savings to our customers.

Benefits of the myFuel Portal

Diversified uses an exclusive and highly efficient portal to meet your fueling needs and move your company into the twenty-first century. In the traditional mold of fueling business operations, invoices and financial documents are scattered across a wide and inconvenient array of programs and software.

The myFuel portal simplifies the process, putting all of your fuel purchases and any relating information in one place, easily accessible for anyone with permission. This central hub makes viewing any and all transactions a breeze, no matter the type or date of the purchase. In addition, our portal allows you to match BOL’s to invoices to verify purchases.
This simple but critical gesture gives you greater peace of mind and eases any doubt or fear you may have when looking back through your transaction history. You will always be able to verify when you made a purchase and how much it was worth. Finally, Diversified’s myFuel portal uses automatic tank gauge delivery records to confirm receipt of deliveries into your tanks.

Diversified’s Added Value

Our operations and services provide peace of mind and improved analytical efficiency to your company in a variety of ways. We have world-class automated tank gauges which will save your staff time and ensure your supplies are meeting specifications when you receive your fuel. We also make verifying invoices easier with our myFuel portal and centralized system of command, which also provides enhanced fueling transaction management through consolidation and improved accessibility.

There are a number of sources that provide fuel transaction data and Diversified makes it easier to consolidate and organize this data into efficient and effective digital spaces. Finally, monthly reporting keeps you in the know at all times.

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