Backyard Transaction Data Services

Better technology produces more cost-effective, efficient results. This rule of thumb has proved true for a variety of business situations, and Diversified is working for you so you can see how true this maxim is firsthand. We assist your business with backyard fueling stations featuring dispersal and control transactions.

Our technology and is dynamic and adaptable, used in conjunction with a variety of controller devices such as FuelMaster, Petrovend, and others. We’re on the cutting edge of digital technologies as well, using cloud transitions from your devices to store data in our secure and encrypted data warehouse.

Your data is safe with us and cannot be compromised while in our system, a much safer solution than many businesses is currently using, such as a single PC in their garages. Diversified also gives you key benefits from a variety of transaction reports which can be accessed from our easy and streamlined myFuel customer portal.

Cloud Transactions

Many transportation companies are outdated, using dangerous methods to store their data. Unbelievably, many still use a standard PC to load dispersal controller software. This is a mistake for a number of reasons.

First, computer operating systems change over time and may change and become hopelessly outdated and impossible to use. Data systems change too which often complicates the issue. PCs are a stationary and static technology that is unable to adapt to advancements in technology and should therefore be used sparingly.

Storage and Security

As for security, we’ll poll the controller and retrieve your transaction data on a set schedule. This data, rather than sitting on a highly compressible PC, will be transferred to our data warehouse. We use Microsoft Azure because we trust its multiple levels of encryption and redundancy to keep your data safe and away from prying eyes.

The cloud is far more secure than any single PC and has been for the last several years; even using multiple devices to host and protect data is an outdated method compared to the highly advanced and sophisticated power of the cloud. The data we retrieve from your company is controlled by Microsoft’s Azure security, a world-class cyberattack prevention team.

Azure’s firewalls and systems of carefully constructed database protections prevent access to servers until explicitly granted based on IP address or Azure Virtual network traffic origin. In short, your data is safe with us, because we rely on the true experts in the matter.


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