Fleet Fuel Card

Take Control Of Your Retail Fuel Purchases

From a price per gallon perspective, buying at a retail station can be the most expensive way to buy fuel. The Rack to Retail spread, a measurement of wholesale costs of fuel versus cost at retail, can be as much as $1.00 in some instances. However, what makes retail particularly costly is uncontrolled driver behavior. Diversified Energy Supply helps our customers save money at retail by first controlling behavior and then focusing on price.

Universal Acceptance

Our Retail Fuel Card operates on both the Mastercard and ComData networks. This means your drivers will be able to fuel wherever Mastercard is accepted and within the controls you have set. If you are a school bus operator, you will not have to worry about drivers finding a retail station when you take children on field trips outside of your normal operating area.

Control Behavior

An unrestrained driver with an unproductive attitude can be costly to your business. Reduce the cost risk of your business by controlling driver behavior.  Diversified’s Retail Fuel Card allows you to set the parameters which are appropriate for your business:

  • Level 3 Only:  You can limit your drivers to only locations where they can input employee numbers, vehicle numbers and odometer readings.
  • MCC Code Limits:  Credit card processors assign merchants a code which classifies the merchant’s trade of business. Our credit card controls allow you to select only merchants designated as “Fuel” or “Fuel and Maintenance”. You also have the option not to place limits on MCC codes for employees whom you wish to use the card as a general use purchase card (P-Card).
  • Monthly or Weekly and Daily Limits:  Place limits for both dollar amounts and the number of transactions cardholders can make during the timeframe you established.
  • Pay At the Pump Only: Keep drivers from buying inside the store by requiring the cards be used only at Pay At The Pump.

In addition to limits, DES can provide Exception reports for activity such as weekend and afterhours activity, fueling above a set tank capacity and non-standard fuel types such as premium gasoline or marine fuels.

Lower Your Price

Having reduced costs by managing driver behavior, Diversified’s Retail Fuel Card also provides you with savings at the pump. If you purchase at truck stops, the card will process on the ComData network to avoid interchange fees. You will receive a lower price at the pump in exchange for a small transaction fee. The net savings to you will be in a range of $.04 -$.08 per gallon.

If you need to purchase a traditional retail station, then Diversified will pass discounts ranging from $.01 – $.03 per gallon ComData has negotiated with certain merchants. In addition, you will also be eligible for a percentage discount on the total retail amount.

Diversified can also negotiate specific discounts with retailers for customers with large retail volumes. These discounts can be significant under the right circumstances.

Consolidate Your Data

Combine your Retail transactions with other ways in which you buy fuel. Diversified consolidated reporting provides the opportunity for you to see all of your activity in one place. This widens your perspective allowing you the ability to modify behavior allowing you to buy fuel in more cost-effective ways. For example, seeing a relatively high usage of retail at a facility with mobile refueling may lead you to change the delivery hours of the mobile refueling deliveries. You may also see opportunities to reduce retail by reviewing which drivers are buying a disproportionate amount at retail rather than at your bulk tank.

Let Us Show You How

Click “Let’s Talk” on our website to schedule time with one of our fuel professionals. We can help you better manage your retail fueling and blend those purchases with more comprehensive buying strategy overall.

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