Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Balancing Your Total Cost of DEF

Did you know the most prominent and plentiful ingredient in Diesel Exhaust Fluid is water? This is important to understand the primary cost driver of DEF, which is freight. We help our customers not only manage the cost of the fluid itself using our network of local providers, but we also right-size DEF storage on-site to balance the fixed cost of DEF equipment and the cost of DEF deliveries.

This method saves you money in the long run and reduces the waste associated with these processes. Delivery of DEF and their services can break the bank, but Diversified’s experienced and streamlined methods keep your business running without payments which you don’t need to make. We have the expertise and infrastructure to save you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

On-Site Storage Reduces Cost

On-site storage of DEF helps eliminate costs and saves you both time and money. Because nearly seventy percent of DEF is water, your company isn’t really paying for the fluid itself, but the transportation and delivery of the fluid. Essentially, Diversified knows that you’re paying for rental drivers and the time your supplier uses to deliver your DEF to you, and we want to help you mitigate these easily managed and real costs of DEF.

Keeping your DEF on-site will do this because you won’t be paying for transportation costs anymore. In addition, freight costs are fixed, and this will maximize the gallons of DEF your company can use, keeping your cost base low and pollutants down as well. Stop overpaying for the delivery of your DEF. Trust Diversified today to help you save money and streamline your operations, today and forever.

Unique Diesel Exhaust Fluid Management

There’s a balancing act in storing DEF. Larger storage facilities will cost more but the cost will be rebalanced by the cost savings of lower per gallon DEF costs. Diversified can help you balance these costs and find the perfect storage number to balance out with your cost per gallon prices. We provide your company with a variety of storage options and will tell you in advance the return on investment associated with each, ensuring that the storage you choose is bested suited to the economics of your company.

These storage facilities are state of the art and will functionally hold all the DEF  you need. You can easily withdraw the DEF when you need it and keep your business moving while cutting down your cost ratios. Diversified has worked with transportation companies all over the country and we can assess your needs and scale with only a few questions. Your operations and storage needs are safe with us and the cost savings will give you considerable peace of mind during the year. If you’re sick of overpaying for the transportation and delivery of your DEF, it’s time to put your trust in Diversified. We’ll save you money and teach you the best ways to handle your DEF and DEF needs.

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