Inventory Management

Vital Data Provides Accurate Insights

Diversified Energy Supply helps you get and maintain a clear picture of your fuel levels in real-time. By monitoring automatic tank gauges and handling scheduling your deliveries as needed, we put you in control of a critical and necessary commodity.

Fuel Level Management

Our team helps to implement systems to maintain optimal fuel levels, keeping your business operations running smoothly.

Managing inventory for your slow-moving tanks should be done “from the bottom up.” This ensures that you are sending out a load only when it is needed, keeping your location supplied and maximizing cash flow.
Fast-moving tanks require a different approach. We advise that deliveries should come as soon as a load of fuel will fit into the tank. This is what we call dispatching “from the top of the tank”. This approach ensures you will receive the product when you needed it and prevents runouts.

We work with you to understand your needs and customize the fuel level management that works for your tanks.

Improve your Inventory Forecast

With an improved inventory forecast fuel is delivered as directed by Diversified Energy Supply automation when you need it.

Our forecast will work to determine when a load of fuel will fit into the tank and when the tank will run out of fuel. Your fuel delivery should be scheduled precisely between these two numbers with a margin for error on both sides.

Automation will help us find that balance by getting an accurate view of your fueling patterns. The tank gauge will measure usage throughout the day, at the interval you choose. This can also be accomplished by accessing transaction data from your dispersal controller. With these insights, together we can better forecast tank levels and schedule delivery.

With automation, you will not spend time manually checking tank levels. You will also get a more accurate picture with automatic tank gauges. You will save money when you’re not waiting until the last minute. Inflated fuel prices cannot be avoided when you are needing immediate deliveries due to an inaccurate forecast.

Expand Loading Options

Get access to multiple loading terminals in your market, avoiding the delays of using one terminal.

Automate “Hypercare”

Increase focus to identify potential problem orders and put systems in place to ensure that loads reach their destination. “Hypercare” means focusing on problem tanks before they cause even greater problems.

This is done by:

  • Confirming loads with the carrier the day before the scheduled delivery.

  • Verifying tank levels the morning of the scheduled delivery to confirm the forecast.

  • Confirming that the order was loaded onto the truck.

  • Ensuring that the load was received verbally or via the automatic tank gauge confirmation.

Keep in Mind:

  • The “Hypercare” will be flagged in our system. 

  • Documentation is provided to you at each step. 

  • Automated alerts for delivery milestones are sent to you when challenges exist.

Diversified Energy Supply can deliver a solution to your on-time delivery challenges. Committed to the success of our clients, we provide timely deliveries, industry experts, continuous improvement, and the latest in technology.


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