Back Office Integration

Data Delivered the Way you Need it

Manual data entry into your Accounting, IFTA reporting, and Fleet Maintenance Systems is costly in overhead and compromises data integrity. We streamline your processes by normalizing and transmitting fuel data directly into your back-office systems.

Diversified Energy Supply offers back-office integration services. When you use our high-quality data solutions, you won’t need to worry about your fuel chain processes and data management. Instead, focus on your business and let DES ensure seamless, cohesive processes for optimal business success.

How Does DES’ Back Office Integration Solutions Work?

Streamlining your business processes removes the burden of tedious data collection, analyzing, and transformation, from you and your team. We ensure a seamless and effective order of business, taking care of your accounting, IFTA reporting, and fleet management systems data, providing you with the information you need to make the best choices for your business.

When you use our back-office integration services, we collect your fueling data in order to format it for your system, enabling automated invoice information. We also transmit your data to an FTP folder so that it can be imported into your fleet management system. Through the information that we collect and transmit, you are able to make the most appropriate, effective decisions for your business.

  • Use odometer readings to know when it’s time for vehicle maintenance. 
  • Import fueling transaction data in order to complete IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) filings.
  • Reduce your manual output costs. 
  • Keep your fleet in the top-notch condition through proper maintenance and care.

What Systems Does DES Use?

At Diversified Energy Supply, we have our own modern and proprietary technology. This ensures flexibility when it comes to the systems of our clients. No matter what your system requires, we have the capability to format our data structure to meet it.

Our data collection and transmission process is simple:

  • Provide us with the format you desire- CSV, HTML, XML, etc.
  • We create your files.
  • We transmit the files to you in your chosen manner.

DES Back Office Integration

The DES process is simple and provides you with exactly what you need to streamline your business. It benefits the whole of your business, saving you time, money, and effort.

Save costs on commodity, manual inputs, fleet downtime, and fines from IFTA audits. Ensure your business is set up for success through our back-office integration solutions.


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