Mobile Fueling

Maximize Use of Idle Time

Fueling equipment and fleets during idle time can increase productivity and reduces administrative service hours. We include critical delivery information in every transaction detail to reconcile delivery receipts to invoices. Enjoy the benefits of mobile refueling while managing cross-referenced proof of services received.

The Diversified Difference

Mobile fueling has always been standard practice in the industry, but we here at Diversified still saw an opportunity for a revolution. Diversified is proud to serve the entire national network for transportation services, and provides invoicing based on unique and individualized company needs.

We can offer a single invoice for each delivery into each vehicle, daily invoices for every gallon of fuel delivered on each individual day, or a weekly invoice that consolidates all fuelings into a single invoice. All of these options reduce administrative overhead and saves your business money and time.

Lining up all of your financial and invoicing ducks in a neat little row is a difficult task that often consumes a great deal of time and energy and Diversified knows just how difficult proper invoicing on your end can be. We simplify the process and offer highly transparent, individualized invoice options for whatever your needs are.

Benefits of Diversified’s Unique Approach

The world runs on data, and Diversified is proud to offer a complete set of insightful and deep data points to help keep your company running smoothly and efficiently. We offer extremely detailed mobile refueling invoices. These invoices unique and specific vehicle level transaction data, so you know exactly where your fuel is going and when. This data can be used to improve fuel efficiency within your fleet and avoid any practices which use a greater quantity of fuel than other methods of transportation.

Our invoices aren’t just analytical either – they’re highly transparent or can be easily audited if we need to cross-reference our data for any reason. We store our mobile refueling records in our transaction database, which allows us to cross-reference to the invoice number. This process greatly improves efficiency on our part and provides you with complete transparency, both of the invoices to the data and the data to the invoices.

Diversified is proud to offer a unique and exclusive array of solutions to help your business meet its mobile fueling needs and simplify its invoice workflow. We know the difficulty of the transportation business firsthand and work tirelessly to improve our methodology to provide you a clean and effective business strategy.

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