Disaster Recovery

Diversified in Action

Hurricane Ida
New Orleans, LA 2021 You can't fully appreciate the dire need for fuel during a recovery effort until all of the vehicles line up for fuel.
Hurricane Ida
The challenge the summer of 2021 was a hurricane coupled with driver shortages. No problem. DES delivered staging trucks to our customers with pump operators.
Colonial Pipeline Outage
Atlanta 2021
Hurricane Maria
Puerto Rico 2017
Hurricane Harvey
Dallas 2017. (The trucks were long-hauled from Denver, CO.)
Hurricane Irma
Florida 2017
Hurricane Florence
North Carolina 2018
Storms Laura, Sally, and Zeta
Louisiana 2020. (Our trucks left for the storm recovery in late August. They returned just before Thanksgiving.)
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Keep Your Fleet Moving

Relentless, proven, and reliable fuel supply coverage, our operational footprint is a national network of transportation assets and supply terminals. This far-reaching network allows us to flow fuel and transportation assets where and when you need them. Diversified offers fast and affordable replenishment and staged transport trucks for mobile fueling stations to keep your fleet moving and shipping.

Benefits of a National Footprint

Our network reaches all across the country, allowing us to meet your needs wherever they’re needed and whenever they’re needed. Whether you rely on Diversified at your original location or if you acquire branches that need help, Diversified has you covered. Few can boast such an expansive and agile network of transportation needs and services. When you trust Diversified, you’re trusting one of the most nimble and most dynamic companies in the industry.

A History of Disaster Response

We’re also with you during both the good times and bad; we can help when disaster hits your business because we have the infrastructure to leap into action at the drop of a hat. For example, when the Colonial Pipeline ruptured in 2021, we mobilized trucks quickly from Tampa, Miami and Dallas in support of our Atlanta customers just as we had done when the during the Colonial outage of 2016. During Hurricane Harvey, we shipped resources from as far away as Denver and Detroit to serve and assist our customers into Texas where our customers were affected by the storm.

We also assisted a national delivery service that needed help refueling in San Antonio; we did so by leveraging our local network of contacts to have the fuel they needed to them by that very same evening. Our record of service goes back even further as well. When Irma hit Florida and the Carolinas, Diversified staged trucks at a number of locations to provide fuel for our customer’s employees and third-party logistics partners.

During Hurricane Maria, which ravaged Puerto Rico, we delivered to the island for the first time in our country’s history. We sent over six trucks to help provide relief and aid our customers in such a trying and catastrophic time. Just last year, we prepared and staged fuel trucks with drivers and adequate resources from the months of August to November. In short, we know the devastating impact hurricanes and other massive storms and disasters can have on different regions, and we’re prepared 24/7 to assist those in need and provide help through a timely and above satisfactory response.

Providing Resources When Local Producers Can’t

Diversified doesn’t just provide great and national service. We have an axiom we rely on to help educate our customers about the benefits of having resources outside of their impacted regions: “Local assets have local problems.” Simply put, local disasters will greatly impact local assets; for example, if your region is without power, the chances are good that your local fuel resources are also out of power.

Our national footprint isn’t just good for delivering assets all over the country, it’s great for assisting local customers who no longer have the means to produce their own power and desperately need assets delivered from outside their own region. When resources simply aren’t available locally, they will be available from Diversified, because of our national footprint.


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