Consolidated Fueling Transaction Reporting

Every company which relies on frequent buying of fuel and exorbitant transportation costs needs to take a broader purview of their business. Seeing the whole picture of how you spend fuel is a challenge when fuel is purchased in a variety of ways.

Diversified helps provide clarity to fueling activity by combining backyard transactions, mobile refueling transactions, and retail fueling purchases. We offer an all-in-one data set that allows you to view holistic fueling activity. Our system produces clarity and peace of mind rarely seen in the industry and we’re proud to offer world-class customer service.

Challenges Solved with Diversified’s Model

Simply put, there is no adequate set of data for the majority of businesses that rely on transportation to keep and improve their bottom line. Many in the industry store their transactions from their fuel facility into a dispersal controller software but their mobile refueling data remains a part of invoice details. Furthermore, fueling transactions over the road are housed with card processors. This system creates confusion and entanglements when data is sorely needed.

DES’ approach is simple; we normalize all data sources into one easy-to-access data repository which can be brought up and shared at only a few clicks of a mouse. In using this approach, DES allows you to see a holistic view of fueling activity and better understand visualize data. This data put into various reports and analyzed from multiple angles to help manage fuel behavior and save you money in both the short and long term.

Methodology Behind the DES Approach

To further illuminate our process, we’ll break down our methods for three different types of transactions. The first are backyard transactions. If you have a dispersal controller such as FuelMaster, Petrovend, or GIR, DES can remotely manage access to the fueling system. We can also “Poll” the devices to acquire the transactions and post them into our database. This streamlines the process and keeps your employees working smarter and more efficiently.

For mobile refueling transactions, the mobile refueling operator will transmit transactions straight to the DES system for processing. We’ll compare the operator’s prices against published indices to validate the prices and ensure they’re accurate, trustworthy, and cost-effective.

After this process, we categorize these transactions as “mobile refueling” and store them with your other transaction types for processing. In addition, if you choose to be sent a weekly invoice rather than per delivery, we’ll store the transactions in a queue until your billing period has been closed.

Finally, there are retail fueling purchases. Similar to other types of transactions, we’re able to take DES data from our fuel card and combine it with the backyard and mobile refueling data. Retail fueling is often the most expensive form of fueling, so keeping retail fueling grouped with the other two types of fueling allows you to easily pinpoint where behaviors can be modified, and money can be saved.

For example, if certain trucks are using retail higher than others at the DC, perhaps changing the mobile refueling schedule would allow those vehicles to be fueled on-site and capture cost savings. These are the levels of insight DES brings to your business.

Our Approach is Data-Driven

There are several points of interest we use when collecting and analyzing our data. In short, this type of data typically includes transaction types, such as backyard, mobile, and retail, transaction dates and times, merchants, merchant addresses, products (clear diesel, dyed diesel, DEF) quantity, vehicle type, and driver, amount paid odometer reading, and price per gallon. Using these metrics as starting points, we draw several conclusions which will, in both the short term and long term, help your company save money and drive smarter.


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