Reasons to Choose a Universal Retail Fleet Card

There are lots of options available to you as a fleet manager to purchase fuel and let your drivers purchase fuel. Narrowing down the options can be difficult as you try to balance driver convenience, cost savings, and ease of tracking purchases for accounting purposes. You may also want something that lets you control driver behavior for drivers that may spend a little too freely at fuel stops on their route. 

Choosing a universally accepted retail card for these purposes might be the solution your organization needs.

Benefits of a Retail Fleet Card

There are many benefits to having a retail card available for your drivers to use that’s supplied by your fuel supplier. 

Avoiding Acceptance Limits.

Universally accepted retail cards operate on networks that are controlled by MasterCard and Visa. With this platform, your drivers will be able to fuel wherever that credit card is accepted. Our Diversified Energy Supply fleet fuel card runs on MasterCard and ComData networks so is accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted. 

Ability to control driver purchase behavior.

One of the most costly things that can happen to your business is an uncontrolled driver with an unproductive attitude. Our fleet fuel retail card can help you control driver behavior by adding a variety of restrictions on where and how the card can be used by your drivers. You can set the card to be used only where employee numbers can be entered, only be used at the pump, set daily or weekly limits, among other restrictions. 

Save money on fuel purchases.

Aside from controlling driver spending behavior, a fleet fuel card can also save your business money at the pump. Because our cards also operate on the ComData network, fuel purchases at truck stops will be lower by $0.04-$0.08 per gallon because interchange fees are avoided. Your drivers will save $0.01-$0.03 at retail pumps as well. 

Why Choose the Diversified Energy Retail Fleet Card?

There is no reason that your bulk and mobile fuel supplier should not also be able to help you purchase fuel at retail stations when your fleet is unable to access your other fuel sources. The accounting can be tricky if your bulk fuel purchasing is separate from your retail fuel purchasing. When you use our fleet fuel retail card, it allows you to consolidate your fuel purchasing data in one convenient place. Purchases through our retail card feed directly into your myFuel dashboard, along with your bulk and mobile purchases, giving you access to all the information you need in one place. 

This ability widens your perspective to modify behavior and allows you to buy fuel in more cost-effective ways. For example, seeing a relatively high usage of retail at a facility with mobile refueling may lead you to change the delivery hours of the mobile refueling deliveries. You may also see opportunities to reduce retail by reviewing which drivers are buying a disproportionate amount at retail rather than at your bulk tank.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers all the tools they need to make the best, most efficient, and most cost-saving decisions in regards to all of their fuel purchasing. The myFuel dashboard helps with everything from strategic decision making to year-end and quarterly accounting, and our retail card is the perfect accompaniment to the myFuel system.


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