3 Attributes of a Trustworthy Fuel Supplier

The transportation sector would not be able to have smooth operations if it was not for reliable fuel supply. As our economy continues to rely on transportation, it has remained crucial for companies to find trustworthy fuel suppliers. Too often, trucks run out of fuel, miss deadlines, or have higher expenses than they originally planned for. Though fuel is important, finding a supplier that you can trust can make or break your operations. If you are not sure where to start, let’s look at three attributes of a reliable and trustworthy fuel supplier.

1. Reliable Fuel Supply 

There should never be a concern about getting an adequate fuel supply on time. We understand that demand fluctuates, and weather conditions change. However, fuel suppliers should have a strategic plan in place to ensure their clients are never lacking. One of the best ways a supplier can guarantee that their customers have a consistent fuel supply is by working with more than one fuel source. This helps distribute the need and leaves a backup option if one source is running low. Supply chain disruptions and natural disasters can be a valid concern for fuel suppliers, but experienced suppliers will know the importance of having a plan. Backup storage facilities, alternative delivery routes, and emergency response plans are essential for any trustworthy fuel supplier. 

2. Clean Accounting 

You have financial goals and budgets that must be followed. Knowing the exact dollar amount you are spending on fuel and how that breaks down is essential. Fuel suppliers should make this information easily available and clear to understand. By sending detailed invoices and timely reports, a supplier can help you manage your expenses. Check your supplier’s billing process and information to make sure everything is clearly laid out and accurate. If there is a discrepancy, their team should be able to quickly identify the point of confusion, accurately explain why it is there, and then show you the numbers to back up their statement. Transparent and accurate accounting practices demonstrate that a supplier is trustworthy. 

3. Cost Management 

You have your own set of finances and fuel takes up only a portion of your budget. Working with a supplier that offers competitive pricing and plans that work within your budget is imperative. If your fuel does not stay within your price requirements, it will throw off the rest of your spending. Fuel suppliers should be willing to meet your needs while staying within budget and offering a price protection option. This will keep your monthly bill consistent regardless of the industry’s condition. Fixed pricing is one form of price protection that will let you know exactly how much you will pay every month. Instead of guessing, work with a supplier that is willing to clearly communicate price options and work to stay within your budget. 

Finding a Trustworthy Fuel Supplier

There is nothing worse than empty tanks, inaccurate costs, and late reporting. By choosing a trustworthy fuel supplier, you can eliminate these headaches and have a valuable business partner in your corner. Suppliers that are reliable and conscious of your budget do exist and should be the team you choose to work with. However, there are more crucial aspects that you should consider before choosing a supplier. To read two more tips about how to find a trustworthy supplier, download our free guide, 5 Attributes You Need in Your Next Fuel Supplier


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