Society doesn't work without trucks

and trucks don't work without fuel.

Diversified Energy Supply is a nationwide fuel supplier that provides innovations and strategies to solve your most complex supply chain challenges.

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Do you trust your fuel supplier? You should.

Have you ever thought “I just don’t trust that my fuel will be where it needs to be at the cost it should be at.” Does your current fuel supplier:

Struggle to keep tanks full

Fail to get fuel to personnel in the field

Not get spend reports turned in on time

Provide inaccurate cost allocations

I understand the utility space. I grew up in a co-op with a large power plant in a variety of roles. I get the fueling needs and also the org structures. We can help you navigate the organizational complexity of transportation fuel supply.
Fernando de Agüero | CEO

A Fuel Supplier You Can Trust

20 Years of Experience in Utility

Activity Operate in 35 States

Over 400 Tanks Managed

12,000 Retail Fuel Cards

Let’s talk about your fuel management

We evaluate your current fuel supply ecosystem.

We recommend a tailored and innovative approach to improving your fuel procurement strategy.

We use a combination of expertise, equipment and technology to execute your strategy.

We provide full transparency to increase your visibility every step of the way.

fuel supply ecosystem

This doesn’t have to be you

Empty Tanks

Late Reporting

Inaccurate Cost Allocations

Disgruntled Internal Customers

Let’s talk about your fuel management

Free eGuide

5 attributes you need in your next fuel supplier

Free eGuide

5 Attributes You Need In Your Next Fuel Supplier

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