What the 3G Sunset Means for Your Fuel Tank Gauges

To be able to accurately predict the future of fuel, it’s critical to keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing energy environment. The latest challenge on the horizon revolves around 3G cellular-based fuel tank gauges. If you have 3G cellular-based fuel tank gauge, keep reading to see what this could mean for your organization.

What Is the 3G Sunset?

Surely you have heard by now the acclaim and clamor over 5G networks being introduced across the US. Some people are strongly against this technological innovation. Others are heartily for it. Both sides have their reasons. 

But progress will do what progress always does – it will keep marching forward, with or without us. 

What has not been mentioned so much is that because of the widespread prevalence of 4G already around the country, the older generations of cellular technology, 2G and 3G, will soon be obsolete. Indeed, most 2G networks have already been shut down, and 3G is not far behind it. 

This process is what is referred to as the 3G sunset. 

AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, and Sprint have already announced their shutdown dates, beginning in January 2022 and spreading out over the following months beyond it. By the end of 2022, the entire 3G network will be a thing of the rapidly disappearing past. 

What Does the 3G Sunset Have to Do With You?

So now you’re wondering what all of this 3G talk has to do with you. You likely have a cell phone with 4G. Your house is likely already wired with 4G, at the very least, and anything else you own that is newer likely has 4G technology installed, which will last you for decades to come, if your tech lasts that long. 

Your office is likely the same, maybe even better. 

But what about your fuel tank gauges? 

Yes, if they were designed and built before 2015, they likely still have an older generation cellular technology in them, and it is probably 2G. Up until the last few years, most companies did not even think to replace their 2G tech with 4G, and that oversight is now a detriment to their consumers. The same can be said for devices with 3G. When 3G sunsets, your ATG will not longer transmit fuel readings.

Innovation can Become an Irritation Without the Right Partner

Once, you were thrilled to be able to read your fuel gauge on a wireless network. It made organization and efficiency so much easier. 

Now, you have to reckon with swapping out your new gauges in time to keep up with your record-keeping and monitoring processes. 

But fear not, DES is here to help. We have the capacity to swap out your fuel tank gauges to wireless technology that is at the forefront of the industry, so your new gauges will last you for decades to come. You will not have to endure this painful experience more than once.

Like with every other tangible product on the market today, supply chain issues also affect your new fuel gauges, so act now. 

Contact us today, and let’s keep you up and running!


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