Renewable Energy is Great, but Fuel is Here to Stay

There has been hype and excitement around renewable energy in recent years. As the need for energy increases, the United States, along with the rest of the globe, has seen a push for advanced renewable energy sources. However, a world without fossil fuels will not be sustainable in the near future. Over the next decades, if fossil fuels would be completely eliminated, there would be a shortage of supply and problems with reliability. Our society truly could not function without fossil fuels.

While renewable energy can be appealing and does serve a unique purpose, it cannot be relied upon as our sole source of energy. For example, harsh winter temperatures can cause natural gas infrastructure and wind turbines to freeze up. When this happens, coal tends to be the saving element that prevents dangerous energy and fuel restraints. This raises important concerns about renewable energy’s reliability. Instead of solely relying on renewable energy, using it on top of fossil fuels can give you the best of both worlds. 

The Importance of Fossil Fuels 

In 2020 alone, oil, coal, and natural gas supplied 81% of the United State’s energy demand. Though renewable energies have become popular, you cannot deny the huge role that fossil fuels play in keeping our economy and society running smoothly. If we were to suddenly completely transition to renewable energy, the supply would not be large enough to keep our society afloat. Renewable energy is a great addition to fossil fuels but cannot currently serve as a replacement.

Let’s focus specifically on diesel for a minute. Just the density of these power sources provides insight into why fossil fuel is a better option for feets. As a vehicle travels, you not only need to factor in the weight of its load, but also the weight of the truck itself. An electric vehicle’s battery is heavy, creating more weight for the truck to carry overall.  If you have a truck that only carries light loads and does not travel often, then an electric vehicle would be a great option. However, the majority of fleets will need to continue using fossil fuels. 

How This Impacts the Future 

Decades down the road, renewable energy will be more sustainable. However, it will be a long time before we get to that point. This shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy will not happen overnight. Using fossil fuels will remain a common thread throughout different industries, but especially the fuel industry. At the end of the day, diesel is needed to fill your trucks. Electric options are great ways to stay within budget and cut down on fossil fuels, but it is an illusion to think fully electric fleets will be a reality any time soon. The transition to fully electric fleets could take decades. 

Solution for Fuel Challenges 

Fossil Fuel is here to stay, and with it comes its own unique challenges for fleets. Planning the logistics behind a fleet can be time consuming. At Diversified, we want to help you manage your fleets, regardless of if your trucks are powered by fossil fuels or renewable energy. Check us out here to learn more about how our capabilities can solve some of your most complicated problems. 


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