Meet the Team: Claudia Huix

We are back to introduce you to another member of our team – Claudia Huix

This introduction is long overdue as Claudia has been with Diversified Energy Supply for the last five years. She currently serves as the leader of our dispatch team. As a unit, they work to ensure any orders are fulfilled by coordinating vehicles, equipment, and people. Routing drivers and scheduling deliveries and pickups can be similar to completing a big puzzle. You have to find which pieces fit together to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery. Over the years, Claudia has proven to be a diligent worker and valuable asset to our team by ensuring seamless deliveries over and over again. 

One of the biggest challenges of fuel logistics is not knowing how to fix a problem immediately. Claudia has learned that a myriad of issues can come up at any given time that need relatively fast answers. She has become an essential role in finding solutions to those situations efficiently and effectively. As our dispatch team lead, she has others within the company coming to her looking for quick solutions to complex problems. Claudia has stepped up to bat with wisdom and grace. When the correct answer is not clear, she takes it upon herself to find the best solution. Resourcefulness is key in her field and it is one of her many qualities. 

Claudia states that one of the greatest blessings from her career has been the relationships she has built along the way. The problems she faces on a regular workday allows her to meet new people and build strong relationships with her carrier partners. “I have friends in the industry I have never met, but it feels as if I have known them my entire life,” said Claudia. A sign of a true leader can be shown in how they treat those around them. Claudia has proven herself to be a leader by caring for her colleagues and partners even when she has never met them face-to-face. 

When she is not at work, Claudia still exemplifies leadership and interpersonal qualities in her personal life. She is heavily involved in her church and regularly volunteers to help wherever there is a need. Claudia loves her family and cherishes any time she gets to spend with them. As an animal lover, she can be found at the local dog park regularly. One of her favorite pastimes is getting to walk with her dogs and play with them at the park.  

We have been blessed with Claudia on our team and hope that we get many more years with her! You can learn more about our entire team right here.


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