Identify Gaps in Your Fuel Buying Strategy

Diversified Energy Supply is a nationwide fuel supplier that uses innovative strategies to solve your most complex supply chain challenges. One of the ways we do this is by helping you identify the most optimal options for your fuel buying strategy.

Determining the best fuel buying strategy based on your needs can be a challenge. There is no one-size-fits-all answer and sometimes the best option is not one single choice. In under five minutes, our online Fuel Diagnostic Tool can identify opportunities to maximize efficiency in your fuel buying strategy. The tool can quickly compare the costs for bulk fuel, mobile refueling, and retail stations, provide annual spending comparisons for your operational costs, and analyze the return on investment for adding fuel tanks. Let us help you identify the gaps in your fuel buying strategy and help set the stage for a more efficient path forward. 

The Fuel Diagnostic Tool will help you evaluate three ways to optimize your fuel buying strategy, and then customize any or all of the fueling solutions that make the most sense for your location. In general, the three ways to purchase fuel for your fleet are:

  • Bulk fuel, wherein fuel is delivered into a large storage tank at your site. This is the best option for locations with enough volume to justify the initial capital investment of fueling storage infrastructure.
  • Mobile refueling, which refers to fuel that is pumped directly into your equipment. Mobile refueling works very well when vehicles are idle at a set time of day so that the fleet can be replenished on a schedule during that downtime.
  • Retail locations, which are one of the most expensive ways to purchase fuel. Buying fuel at a retail location means you are paying for your driver’s time and the “Rack-to-Retail” spread (the difference between the price at the retail station and bulk fuel), which can be over $1 per gallon.

The Diagnostic Tool will use your personalized data to gauge the costs and benefits of these options. Your details don’t need to be 100% accurate in order to pinpoint opportunities to save on fuel. These may include:

  • Annual fuel volume
  • Cost of bulk fuel
  • Percentage of fleet eligible for mobile refueling
  • Capital costs of infrastructure installation
  • Incremental cost per gallon for retail
  • Hurdle rate for capital investments
  • Hourly rate for labor
  • Gallons per average fill
  • Time spent refueling
  • Cost of accident insurance 

Once you’ve entered your information, you will be able to view your results immediately and get expert advice on how to make the most of your fuel buying strategy. In addition to fuel delivery solutions, we can provide assistance with disaster recovery, data management, consigned fuel, and anything else it takes to keep your fleet running smoothly.

To get started identifying the gaps in your fuel buying strategy, just start here and then click “Get Started.” Have questions? We’d love to help! Reach out to a Diversified Energy Expert today!


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