From the CEO

Allison de Agüero, CEO

My family has been in the fuel business for over 70 years. I’ve grown up around this industry and the ends and outs of it my entire life. As I grew up in this business and decided to create a company of my own, I realized that our goal should be less about fuel and more about solving problems. 

At Diversified, we have met so many people through the years with frustrations around fuel and the complexities that it can create around the management of the logistics in their company. 

You’re focused on your unique offering whether it’s shipping, manufacturing or product development. The last thing you want to be concerned with are your fuel needs. You need a process and a team that simplifies, streamlines, and presents clear pricing.

That’s exactly what we do every single day.

Give us your worst possible mess and we’ll clear it up! We’ll make it simple and help you create more efficiency in your logistics and ultimately, in your company. From the start, our team will come in, find the pain points of your fuel needs, and work diligently to solve those problems.

Let our experienced team, become an extension of yours, and never worry about your fuel needs again.

– Allison de Agüero, CEO


Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Fueling

There is more to fueling at an airport than jet fuel. Sure, the big, majestic things with wings get most of the attention. However, travelers might be upset if their pressurized flying tube has jet fuel in it but no baggage or beverages. Jet fuel may get all of the love, but tugs, baggage carriers, catering vehicles, and deicers need fuel, too.

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Lack of Transparency

In the early 1990’s a newly formed energy company was growing rapidly. The firm dominated the energy futures trading market. It reported enormous profits and was a darling of Wall Street. The company’s balance sheet reported over $60 billion in assets. The company was Enron.

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