Disaster Recovery: The Importance of Reliable Fuel Supply

We’re in a season of unpredictability and frequent natural disasters. During hurricane and storm season, businesses need more than just a service; they need a partner. For those heavily reliant on a constant fuel supply, this partnership can mean the difference between seamless operations and unprecedented downtime. While many fuel suppliers boast national networks and swift response times, it’s the track record during crises that truly sets a company apart.

Ensuring Your Fleet Remains on the Move

It’s easy for a fuel supplier to promise delivery during calm periods, but the true test emerges when adversity strikes. What businesses need is a supplier with an extensive national network of transportation assets and supply terminals, ensuring fuel availability and transportation whenever required. This guarantees swift replenishment and the setup of mobile fueling stations, allowing businesses to keep their fleets moving irrespective of circumstances.

The Advantage of a National Footprint

A nationwide presence isn’t just a business expansion strategy; it’s a lifeline for clients. Such a footprint ensures that whether you’re stationed at the heart of the city or at a remote branch, you’re never out of reach. Only a handful of suppliers can genuinely promise this kind of expansive and agile network. Partnering with such a supplier means you’re placing your trust in one of the industry’s most dynamic entities.

A Track Record in Disaster Response: Introducing Diversified

This is where we, Diversified, come into the picture. We’re not just any fuel supplier; our history speaks volumes about our commitment to our clients. When disasters strike, we’ve consistently been at the forefront. Here are just a few examples of this over the past few years: 

  • When the Colonial Pipeline faced disruptions, we were there. In 2021 and back in 2016, we mobilized trucks from Tampa, Miami, and Dallas without hesitation.
  • Hurricane Harvey saw us dispatching resources from Denver and Detroit, ensuring our Texas clients were never left stranded.
  • And unwavering efforts during Hurricanes Irma and Maria. From staging trucks to making a historic delivery to Puerto Rico, Diversified was there.

Our ethos? Being present for our clients during both sunny and stormy days.

Beyond the Limitations of Local Assets

At Diversified, we have a mantra: “Local assets have local problems.” This simple phrase captures a complex truth: local disasters can incapacitate local resources. Should a region face a blackout, it’s probable that its local fuel sources are compromised.

Our nationwide presence is more than just a selling point. It’s our promise to clients that even when local resources are paralyzed, we’re there to ensure your operations stay uninterrupted.


In a season that will likely bring up more than one challenge for your business, we’re here to ensure you have the fuel you need to keep moving. Our vast national footprint, coupled with a history steeped in proactive disaster response, ensures that our clients always have a steadfast partner by their side.

Learn more about our disaster recovery solutions here. 


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