Controlling Fuel Purchases at Retail Stations

Fuel fleet cards help your drivers get the fuel they need to get their loads successfully delivered. With fleet cards, you can control costs and manage driver spending. While you need to trust your drivers to do the right thing, overuse or misuse of the company fuel card can lead to unplanned costs quickly adding up. Fueling at retail stations can be expensive, but this is not solely based on the retail spread – the wholesale amount versus the purchase price at the retailer. Costs rise when users control their spending. But, controlling fuel purchases at retail stations is possible! The Diversified Fleet Fuel Card will help you control driver spending, recognize fraud or misuse, track transactions, and have detailed reports on demand.

You must know what’s happening day-to-day, and that means having controls in place and access to data. With the Diversified Fleet Fuel Card, controlling fuel purchases at retail stations is simple and you can quickly acquire the data you need to manage your fuel costs and make better business decisions. Being able to catch unapproved purchases allows you to have better control over costs.

Acceptance is Important

The Diversified Fleet Fuel Card operates on both the Mastercard and ComData networks, giving your drivers more options for fueling on the go no matter where they are.  

Communication and Accountability are Key

Make sure your drivers are proactively thinking about their purchases.  Having the data in front of you to present to them helps to further impress upon them the effects their spending has on the fleet. Make sure that your entire team knows that the best way to go about controlling fuel purchases at retail stations and save money buying fuel by not spending it in the first place.

The Diversified Advantage – Purchase and Quantity Control

Diversified’s Retail Fuel Card gives you the control to keep purchases within parameters. Fleet managers are in control of where and how the card is used with controls being in place with these options:

Pay at the Pump Only – Limit drivers to only fuel purchases made at the pump.

Fuel Merchants Only – With MCC Code Limits use to only fuel merchants

Fuel and Maintenance Only – MCC Code Limits expanded to include maintenance

Tier 3 Only – Drivers must fuel at locations that enable them to input their employee and vehicle numbers and their odometer reading.

The Retail Fuel Card also allows you to control the amount spent on each purchase with the ability to set daily, weekly, and per-transaction limits.

Enjoy Savings at the Pump

The Diversified Retail Fuel Card delivers savings at the pump.  By processing charges on the ComData network, interchange fees are eliminated. 

Consolidated Data

Having the information to analyze in a timely manner is important to managing costs.  Diversified consolidated reporting puts all activity in one place.  With this information, you can work on modifying spending.  

To learn more about managing your retail fuel spending and create a comprehensive buying strategy, schedule a free consultation with a fuel professional.


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