Meet the Team: William Brumbelow

We would like to introduce you to our Director of Software Technology – William Brumbelow

William has been working with Diversified since 2014 and has proven to be a valuable asset in leading our development team. With over 25 years of computing experience, he has vast knowledge of system developments and delivery life cycle. His real world experience helps our technical operations function seamlessly and his ability to develop and deliver complex systems allows our organization to reach new heights. 

William’s background is rooted in commitment, dedication, and service. While he was active duty for the United States Air Force, he prioritized education and earned both a bachelors and masters degree in the tech field. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Park College in Missouri and a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Southern Methodist University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His experience in the military and formal education has set him up for success. William understands the importance of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) in the software development process. Over the years, he has worked to ensure policies and procedures align with the CMM. 

One of Willaim’s biggest career accomplishments is his wide range of experience. Working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and consulting firms, he has gained valuable insight and knowledge into the tech space. He has worked to solve data-based problems in every role throughout the consultancy profession. From principal consultant (firm partner) to software engineer, William has done it all, giving him the ability to lead a team with compassion and understanding. 

Complex systems can be daunting for some professionals, but William has handled ours with ease. His background with the Department of Defense (DOD) is sure to play a role in his ability to work with a wide range of systems. Just a few of the systems he worked with during his time with the DOD include weapons systems, new technology research, Reliability Modeling, Mean Time to Failure Analysis, Electronic Warfare, Aircraft Simulators, and MIL-SPEC data systems development.

We have not only found a dedicated software developer in William, but we have also found someone who is dedicated to professional development. He is always eager to learn new technologies and applications that can be utilized in our company. 

If you want to get to know William better, or have any questions, please reach out to us! William has been a loved colleague over the years and we are excited to see how he continues to guide Diversified Energy Supply as we seek to better our services.
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